Your Advantage

As the best full service dental lab-to-lab outsourcing solution, we help dental laboratories increase profitability and production capacity while lowering manufacturing cost.  You can add additional services or eliminate unwanted and time consuming procedures without having to invest in large equipments.  We take care of this for you.


Our Global Full Service line offers fixed, removable, and implant restorations.  Click here for more details.


Call us to speak to one of our Removable Specialist so you can offer this service to your dentists.

For over 20 years, Fusion Dental Laboratory Solutions has provided quality dental restorations with excellent customer service to dental laboratories. Our customers have experienced a standard of excellence unique in the global dental industry today.  Fusion Dental Laboratory Solutions is well known for providing an outstanding line of quality dental restorations, courteous and professional service, and superb value for our customers.

How Do We Do It

We've been providing dental restorations for over 2 decades and committed to our customer’s absolute satisfaction. We focus on providing our customers our unique combination of quality, value, selection, expertise, integrity and service. Our customers just ship us their cases and we handle the rest. We handle the logistics including FDA requirements to and from our fabrication headquarters in China. Since we have direct line of communication to the production managers, we provide clear and precise communication on your case status.



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We are closed and no longer accepting cases. Thank you for supporting us for over 20 years!